World Children’s Day Celebrated by SNDC


Tanjil Islam Shuvo// Today World Children’s Day. The day is celebrated simultaneously throughout the world. In addition to the various government-run non-government organizations, SNDC organized this Children’s Day with great enthusiasm and in Barisal. This day was celebrated at around 3 o’clock in the Freedom Fighters Park in Barisal with 50-60 children. At this event was the first to throw balloon competition with children, sports songs etc. The organization’s spokesperson, Mr. Shafiqul Islam told news Vision that we are currently performing this day in Barisal but we will observe this day in Bangladesh for our banner. The organization’s secretary Hasib said that children should be children’s day every day. Because today children in our country are persecuted. And most poor children are involved in heavy work and risk their life. We are working to bring SNDC to an organization that monitors these children and educates them. And they are working to do so without any kind of bad work. We want all social organizations in Bangladesh to observe these days, so children will spend so many coaching so private and one day happy. After the chocolate distribution among children, the program is finished. The volunteers of the organization, Tanjil Shuvo, Hasib Mridha, Junaid, Dalim, Sayem, Sohan, Nayema, Nayeem, Sweetie, Tonyushree Nusrat, Binu, Al Amin,Bristy, Bithi, all the volunteers and the common people were present on the occasion